Out of the Box

“A bird can’t know about the depth of the sea
Nor a fish about the breadth of the sky
When neither knows how the other can be
Except the birds that swim and the fish that fly”

© ZAspeaks, 2014

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Take the new “A to Z Left, Center, Right Test”!

Take the new “A to Z Left, Center, Right Test”!
These words were culled from the ideological rhetoric of pundits from the left, right, and center of the political spectrum. Choose the word you most prefer of the following sets to see where your political alignment might fall. You may be surprised.

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A retrovirus of the mind called “self”
Infecting me to measure and compare
Two falsehoods of entitlement and shame
An affliction of doubt and despair

I see my suffering did manifest
When transformed I became from my first breath
The vessel from which I now create
The fog upon the lie of life and death

But what from absence the soul cannot see
The legends of the ascension and fall
The “self” the universe has caused to be
Can set “I” free and celebrate it all

From nothing is “self” and one life’s conceived
Less “self” to nothing it can’t be deceived

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From the Ashes

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What is and what isn’t

When you look deep into your past
Know that you came from Heaven
When you look clearly to your future
Know that you go toward Heaven
When you look down at your feet just now
Know that you stand in Heaven
And there is no Heaven

Your divine spirit has never left you
When you live through it 
You are the dolphin swimming
You are the cheetah hunting
You are the eagle soaring
You are the sun burning 
You are nothing and you are gone

This is the ecstasy of what is 
And what has come before 
And what is yet to come
And why
Is what isn’t

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Sonnet #20

If I feel sorrow, you’ll drop in a tear
If you are drowning, I’m swept in the flood
If I am frightened, you cower in fear
If you are wounded, I’ll spatter in blood
If I am faithless, you’ll whisper a prayer
If you are hurting, I’ll suffer the pain
If I am gasping, you’ll float in the air
If you are thirsty, I’ll fall in the rain
One for the other, the other for one
I am your ocean and you are my shore
The tide’s eternal yet has just begun
This moment, this lifetime and evermore
    Love is perfection, for nothing’s undone
    We’re each a flower and each other’s sun

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What is sought and what is not

“Fear is the flotsam that damns your river
That flows from the source to the mother sea
Causing you to condemn or advocate
What is, for what you would want it to be

Return to the wisdom of unwanting
For your fulfillment or your protection
Dread and longing are a two-sided coin
The payment for ego’s disconnection

Seek not to legislate human justice
For the law has already been written
Look not to any one with the question
The answer has already been given

Justice seeks payment, awareness seeks thought
Pride seeks affirmation but Faith seeks naught”

                © ZAspeaks, 2013

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There is charity in what you give

But more comes from who you inspire

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What matters

“It does not matter if you’re right or wrong

Which fable you pick or which side you’re on

If it happens quick or will take too long

The moment is now, then the moment’s gone”

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As another exercise in duality passes
Ask again , these two questions,
“Do I need to be governed and am I
better than anyone else?”
Fear and envy. For these are entrusted
body and soul with the purpose to preserve them.
Instead all become bound and destroyed by them.
The law has already been written in your heart.
Surrender to it and all laws to which you bind yourself
and mean to bind others will be broken.
This is the only solution and as simple and mysterious
as your next breath.

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